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Optimistic vs. Realistic

Today when everything around has slowed down and we are stretching ourselves to achieve our full potential by managing both home and office, we often tend to loose ourselves in all the hustle bustle. We follow the same routine and have become machines. In this everyday tussle we forget who we are and what are our wants. This is when we start sinking in the world unknown and we 'try' and search the brighter side of our lives but when we fail to do so we tend to curse our luck and everything around us. If you have noticed closely, we will always find two sort of people around us firstly the Optimistic category who will just overlook the negative and ugly things around. I feel they live in a wonderland of their own and wish to see only happy things around them. This style of facing our life is definitely good as we stay away from worries and tensions, but the discord strikes when something bad happens and we can't look beyond the sadness that is when we sink into the dark un
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Working Mothers

Hello everyone!! here I am back with another queer inquisitive thought of my mind..."Working Mothers". I have often wondered that when a child is asked to introduce oneself, the sentence he is asked 'where does your father work ?, and your mother what does she do?", "is she working or not?" Why can't the question be reversed and the question asked about the father is also asked similarly for the mother. Surprising the concept of maternity leave always existed, and most of the women preferred to take it after the child is born as that is when the responsibility doubles. But what about Paternity leave?, it took us so many years to realize that a father is also responsible for a child's upbringing. A mother who joins office soon after child birth is looked down upon. Instead of supporting her people will ask her "why so soon it's only 3 months or 6 months." Did anyone for once ask the new father, "why so soon it's only been

To Be or Not To Be

My title today is a very famous quote by William Shakespear , and no I am not translating the Hamlet here. I am here to discuss an issue which according to me is becoming intense with every passing generation . 'Parenthood', is often regraded as the greatest gift of God to a woman. Often said that a woman or a family is complete after a child is born. No questions neither an iota of doubt on that, the question here is shouldn't this be an option a choice that woman or rather the couple should be allowed to make. Why should it be a passed on tradition which should be followed without any ifs or buts. Why is it mandatory for every 'married couple' to become a parent irrespective of their choice. Parenthood is a feeling, an emotion which should be made only when one is ready to manage a responsibility so big. We have a right on our body, then why immediately after marriage the society tries to barge into our private space and force the tradition upon us. Surpri

"Is Crying Gender Biased?"

Crying is a human right not a gender right. I have often wondered why haven't I ever seen my dad breakdown after a fight or on a bad day at work or when he lost his parents. Are men always so strong that they are able to hold up to any situation. Society is used to an image of a broken woman, someone to be pitied. Since our early days we have heard its okay to cry, it will lessen the burden on your heart and mind. I understand this is a very different area where most of the readers might wonder it's so strange for a man to cry it shows he is weak, it will hamper his masculinity his sense of security, but the question here is why is that thought of so often. When a young boy of merely five or six years cries on being bullied or after having a fight at school or on being hurt, he is often asked not to cry, only girls cry, 'boys don't cry'. Why in our society men are considered vulnerable or even worse their sexuality is questioned when they cry for any heart break

Log Kya Kahenge!!

This is not just a quarantine frustration blog, on the contrary I am quite enjoying my quarantine period. It's not everyday that we get a chance to discover ourselves and spend quality time with our loved ones. This blog is created to find an answer to all those subconscious thoughts which we bury somewhere and eventually give up on the tussle that life throws at us constantly. I am just trying to speak my heart out and reach out to all those who think alike. Please feel free to judge and comment as I am new here and any sort of comment is most welcome, will wait for them with open mind. Till then enjoy reading!! The Question that always haunts a human mind is "Am I doing it right","should I do it","can we take the chance", so on and so forth. We think and think till we do what we are exactly expected to do not by us but by all those judgmental eyes waiting to grab that single opportunity where one can be demeaned for doing it in an improper way.